Who are we?

Norcot Pantry is a genuine team effort.

Initially the suggestion of Catalyst Housing

Funding was provided by RBC for staff and initial setup costs on the understanding that the project was run by FAITH Christin Group

The local church offered space in their premises for free as well as providing volunteers to run the Pantry and to provide refreshments for members.

Responsible for running the pantry, employing staff and obtaining food supplies.

FAITH are the charity behind ReadiFood Food Bank and therefore able to provide some of the items available at the Pantry. ReadiFood obtain their supplies through public donation and local supermarket surplus.

Fresh, frozen and chilled food mainly comes from FareShare

Norcot Pantry is part of a national franchise

It is hoped that in time we can add advice and support services at the times that the Pantry is open.

Menwhile come along and enjoy our hospitality